The Modernist Web

The Modernist Web is a site dedicated to research into the beginnings, influence, and development of literary modernism. Although much of the content on this site is related to modernist poetry, it is hoped that over time the information on this site will be much broader in scope.


Modernist Poetry

Browse our ever expanding list of modernist poems, including works by Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. Some of the poems are annotated, allowing readers new to modernist tradition to overcome some of the difficulties associated with these poems.

Modernist Prose

Browse our collection of essays and fiction written by modernists. Over time, this list will grow to include novels, short stories, and selected essays written by a variety of artists. The first section of Ulysses, Telemachus, is annotated, and work has begun on the second episode, Nestor.

Modernist Magazines

Modernist magazines such as Poetry and The Little Review published some of the best known names in modernism long before the artists themselves became popular. Our goal is to provide searchable, digital copies of as many of these publications as possible.

Modernist Scholarship

In progress...

Facsimile Texts

Browse our collection of digital copies of early editions of modernist texts. While the current offering is relatively modest, over time we hope to add to this collection and thus provide a valuable resource for students and scholars of modernism.

Modernist Drama

Browse our small but growing collection of modernist plays.